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Summer has come

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Week 3 is already coming to an end and the temperatures in Belgium are rising to unusual heights, perfect time for a blog post! As I’m writing this, I’m preparing the server selection interface where users will be able to pick a game server they want to join. In the end this will have lots of filtering options but as with any other feature, I’m starting with a simple version first. You can already see this evolution with my login form :

The current version of my login form.

The current version of my login form.

If you compare the screen-shot above with the one from my last post you see that I switched the buttons to icons. Five buttons in a row was just too messy and as most of the SuperTuxKart interface already uses icons, it was a logical decision to change.Ā  (The designers are working on new icons, placeholders to the rescue. šŸ˜‰ )

Of course that’s not the only thing I did. I just finished the creation of servers (well for as far my part goes) and cleaned up a lot of server-side code. I need to do the latter because the user creation process shares a lot of code with the STK Addons website and thus for every improvement I make in the shared functionality, I need to adapt everything that uses it. I also need to do this for every database call because of the change in access-method I explained in my previous post. There is a significant advantage here though (else we would just separate everything), namely all registered users on the website will be able to use their account for online gaming and vice-versa. So accessing your profile from your web-browser, is a nice feature that could be easily implemented in the future.

For the sake of having another image in this post, I included my first draft of the networking lobby. This actually revealed a few bugs in the GUI engine : the grid wasn’t nicely aligned and the content didn’t fit perfectly. Luckily Marianne fixed this quite fast, resulting in the screen-shot below. I know it doesn’t really have a “wow-factor” (yet?), but functionality comes before appearance and I’m sure it’ll look better with some content in it. šŸ™‚

The temporary look of the lobby where players will gather before a race.

The temporary look of the lobby where players will gather before a race.

Communication with the other networking student is now getting very important, we’re at the point where we need to discuss our decisions on a daily basis. Although our mentors tried to assure that we could work separately from each other, I kinda expected that a close cooperation would be needed to establish an efficient implementation. Luckily we’re both on schedule and we believe that everything will work out just fine.

I’m glad to end this post with my final grades I received this week. With an average of 80% this year, I won’t need to worry that much about university work during GSoC. I’ll be spending roughly one day a week preparing my thesis though, so it seems I’ll be having a busy summer. šŸ˜‰

May the temperatures decrease to a more comfortable level.
– Glenn


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